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Motivational Mondays: Conversations with Leaders

Sep 27, 2021

At times, American society is a divided one with people living in their own ideological bubbles. Engaging across the divides can often lead to an explosive and damaging conversation that neither party wants or needs. 

So what can we do as individuals who must co-exist together more harmoniously?  Well, for starters - start talking! That's the best advice, according to Libby Stegger, founder of 

Please tune in to this week's Motivational Mondays as Libby shares her mission to bring people together and bridge the gaps through more purposeful listening and mutual understanding.

You’ll learn why Libby launched, about the power of respecting different perspectives, and If it’s ok not to agree with different opinions.


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Listen to the bonus episode to learn Libby’s advice for young people graduating and entering the workforce, and how to enter the fellowship program at {}