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Motivational Mondays: Conversations with Leaders

May 31, 2021

Last week we learned why the best athletes thrive on change. Today, Molly Fletcher returns to share why the right mindset lives at the root of every success story. 

After spending two decades as one of the only female sports agents in the business, Molly has represented some of the greatest athletes on the planet. An author of 5 books and a keynote speaker to Fortune 500s — she’s sharing the secrets that helped her rise to the top, and then leave it all behind to become a successful entrepreneur!

You’ll learn the difference between “playing not to lose” VS “playing to win”; The two skills Molly looks for in every person she hires; And who has the true advantage: introverts vs extroverts?



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In the bonus episode, you’ll learn how you can get better at saying “no” to make the most of your energy. {}