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Motivational Mondays: Conversations with Leaders

Feb 15, 2021

After being deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan as a scout-sniper, Jake returned home from the Marine Corps in search of a new mission. 

What began as 8 friends providing aid to earthquake survivors in Haiti, grew into 130,000 volunteers across the United States—and a chance for veterans to find life’s second calling. 

Learn about the leadership skills Jake brought back from his time on the battlefield, and how “leading with love” helped him build Team Rubicon into one of the most celebrated non-profits in the world.

In this week’s episode, we discuss practical advice for leaders, dealing with mental health during the pandemic, and vaccine distribution and how you can help.


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In the members-only Bonus episode, you’ll learn about Advice for employers and why you should hire veterans; Life after the military and dealing with mental health; What you need to build a great culture inside your organization. (