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Motivational Mondays: Conversations with Leaders

Mar 15, 2021

With three decades of leadership experience, CeCe Morken joined Headspace to steer the meditation giant through the height of the pandemic. 

Just 6 months later, she proved herself right out of the gate, earning a quick promotion to CEO!

In our last episode, we discussed CeCe’s incredible rise to the top, the valuable lessons she learned throughout her 30-year career, and her advice for students navigating life after college. 

In the finale of this two-part special, you’ll learn why being a know-it-all can kill your career; How to motivate others to follow your vision; Fighting imposter syndrome; Finding your mentor (and the right way to learn from them). 



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In the bonus episode, you’ll learn The importance of boundaries between life and work; How machine learning will personalize your experiences in the future; The steps we must take to be  happier as a nation. {}