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Motivational Mondays: Conversations with Leaders

Nov 15, 2021

As the founder and CEO of hint®, Kara Goldin has made a name for herself in the beverage industry. She initially started by experimenting at home before taking her experimentation on to become what is now one of America's most popular flavored water products! 

In this episode of Motivational Mondays, Kara shares her journey and discusses successful leadership traits, the importance of creativity, and the power of perseverance.

In her new book, Undaunted, Kara also shares life lessons about the rewards of putting yourself into a position where you don't know what will happen. The celebrated entrepreneur suggests that leaving our comfort zones can lead to future success.

Don’t miss Kara give her insight on how to stay focused on your ambition and not be distracted from your vision by naysayers and people projecting their fears onto you.



[1:00] The story behind the creation of hint® water

[5:02] How growth begins with taking a leap of faith

[9:05] How to step outside of your comfort zone



Listen to the bonus episode to learn how Kara took her product directly to the public for feedback and why Kara is concerned over industry use of the buzzword “Diet” as a marketing ploy. {}



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