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Motivational Mondays: Conversations with Leaders

Nov 1, 2021

In today's episode of Motivational Mondays, we will explore the science behind Dr. Rebecca Heiss' new book, Instinct: Rewire Your Brain with Science-Backed Solutions to Increase Productivity and Achieve Success

Dr. Heiss specializes in helping clients break through ingrained inclinations that can hold them back from success by teaching skills like self-reflection and self-awareness. As an evolutionary biologist, she says that humans are ancestrally programmed to be overly cautious.

To help people overcome their fears, Dr. Heiss shares that it’s okay to be inquisitive in life and stop feeling like you have to be an expert. You don’t have to prove yourself to anyone.

You’ll learn why our brains are programmed for fear, how to rewire your brain to let it go, and how to become more self-aware.


  • How to rewire your brain to let go of fear
  • How to become more self-aware 
  • The expectations placed on men and women



Listen to the bonus episode to learn why Dr. Heiss feels that living up to societal beauty standards can slow women down and the importance of being confident in your own skin.  {}