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Motivational Mondays: Conversations with Leaders

Dec 13, 2021

First-generation college students often experience a lack of financial support from their parents. Sherri Graf found herself in that position and it motivated her to create a resource for incoming students to gain access to money for school.

With Imagine Scholarships, Sherri's mission is to address the economic needs of college-bound (or trade school-bound) students. The platform provides financial opportunities and career resources to help members land jobs. 

In this episode of Motivational Mondays, Sherri shares how Imagine simplifies the scholarship application process, how their Video Resource page helps students make the most of every opportunity, and how they can use the platform to reach the goal of a debt-free education.

Imagine Scholarships has partnered with NSLS! Join today with an exclusive NSLS membership discount of just $12 per month. Get started by using the group code NSLS.


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Listen to the bonus episode to learn about the importance of building your online portfolio and how Imagine Scholarships creates opportunities for more than just traditional college students. {}