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Motivational Mondays: Conversations with Leaders

Jan 17, 2022

Reelaviolette Botts-Ward specializes in empowering black women to thrive through a healing process of dealing spiritually with their systemic emotional issues. She coined the phrase “ancestral grieving” to describe an understanding of how many African Americans carry the weight of generational suffering from racial oppression and inequity.

Described as a “Jane of all trades,” Reelaviolette is an author, professor, professional speaker, mental health advocate, current PhD candidate, and the founder of BlackWomxnHealing.

Her work is aligned with her journey to break intergenerational curses that get passed down from elders to their descendants. On this week's Motivational Mondays, Ree shares her story and how the history of her ancestors impacts her life today.

You’ll learn about the power of embodied remembering, reconciling ancestral traumas, and why childhood is the most sacred time of life.



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Listen to the bonus episode to learn about the dynamic of inclusivity within the female African American community and the mission behind Reelaviolette’s BlackWomxnHealing {}